Evoke 2015 Demoparty

Evoke 2015 was the 18th evoke demoparty! Wow, what a birthday. We were there and I also contributed to some productions.

First, there is this tile-based piece of pixelart. It was a “fixed palette” compo, so all participants have to work with a handful of colors, that the evoke-organizers selected before the party.


Here is also the same artwork with music from Saga Musix – a track also released on this party. Evoke Demovibes! And a tweet with the artwork.

Then I also made a demo for the PC compo. It features pixelart, tilemap and parallax-scrolling. For consistency I just went with the same fixed palette like the pixelart compo. Here is the demo on pouet.net. Currently there is no video of the demo available online but here is the soundtrack.

TextMode Art

During the Platine-Festival in Cologne there was an awesome text-mode exhibition in the Bunker k101.

Inspired by textmode I began with some very first jams with ANSI.




Two more simple pixelart-jams or studies.



Nodepond and Slogmen – Music LiveAct

I teamed up with Slogmen and we made our first music live-act at Kolbhalle in Cologne during the Membranfestival.

Picture by Klausebou


From our network… Wild demo contribution for the Evoke 2015. Scored the 3rd place.

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