BYOB Cologne

There was an awesome “Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) event in Cologne, where I participated as an artists. The event was a huge-success with some people said about 800 – 1000 visitors! I confirmed my recent interest to minimalistic projects, when it comes to videobeamer-art. “Less is more” strikes me more then “much helps much”. Beeing part of an exhibition can bring own work forward by reflecting and setting work in context. I have not figured out the factors yet, when and when not this will happen. Is it the location? The people? Other works shown? Point made by own stuff?

Nodepond BYOB-Transformer

Here are some impressions of the whole exhibition:

Read more about the work at this blogpost.

Circuit Bending and Arduino Day

Dingfabrik was hosting the “Arduinio Day” again. It is a global action-day because of the birthday of the Arduino-platform. At this day Arduino went 11 and we had lots of hackers-heaven like fun and projects at the Dingfabrik. See some of the music-projects I was more or less involved in.

Laserharp, Sound-Toy Prototype, Playing with Mozzi-Lib.

The same month I stated to get into Circuit Bending. The first steps were easier then exprected. I also learned from some Dingfabrik-memebers, that it could be possible, to make circuit bending Arduino-controlled with the help of “digital potis”. I also learned, that Circuit Bending is a really nice approach of doing sounds. Just open sound-things and mess around!


Oscillot and PureData Stuff

I made some conceptional works and experiments with PureData and Ableton / Oscillot. Influenced by the book “Code Simplicity” I experimented with a “minimal tool” that generated “music patterns” – a patch started to realize in PureData.

Next experiments went into the direction of “opening the music to external parameters” to make some sort of “nature-embedded soundart”. Here for example a PureData-patch, that generates an “alien-voice” directly connected to voice input into microphone.


This is a prototype exploring “complex sound patterns with just two main oscillators”. The thing, that the mouse doing in this video should be later made by sensors. I tried to make rich, complex sonic possibilities with a minimal technical effort. And yes – I had embedded microcontrollers in mind!

Another Oscillot Ambient Drone Session. This piece is dark and sonic with a totally psychic atmosphere. A live-improvisation featuring Ableton Live / Oscillot. It is based around tons of delays and sensitive tweaking of resonance-frequencies. Oscillot helps in making crazy LFO modulations happen.


Still into pixel-art jamming. Here are some results.

nodepond-pixeljam-march2015 nodepond-pixeljam-march2015_2 nodepond-pixeljam-2015-3


This is not a finished track, but more a sketch about exploring some dub-concepts further, that are ongoing in my head right at the moment.


I presented our “Flying Orlov” Media-Art Sculpture at the “Denkwerk Kreatifrühstück”. There should be a video of this talk released on some day in the future.

Other stuff

1. Mobile-radio-band: An excellent concert with self-build, modified and circuit-bended instruments at Opekta-ateliers.


2. I’ve put together a small playlist on YouTube with productions, that are based around “Cologne Netaudio”. We had lots of Netaudio (Creative Commons Music) community-activities in Cologne, with the best days between 2008 and 2012. We had regular meetings, sticked together making a two netaudio-festivals, called the “Cologne Commons”. I thought, this YouTube playlist would be a good idea, to have some sort of “place” for the stuff we made.

3. Last words: This is how to finish your game-project!

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