Outline 2015 Demoparty

It was a pleasure for me, to give my new approach of having some sort of “Wildbeaming Engine” a first shot. It’s optimized for goooooood framerates and micromessages. Indeed, it worked better than expected. The next step will be, to make more of pre-prepated “generative” content, that let the video-installation be more autonomous (without an operator sitting all the time on the desk). Learning: “Some careful preparation is better than no at all.” I also made use of some of the Code Simplicity design patterns – a book, that any programmer should read!

Here is a very quick and dirty video from the first evening of the engine in action. Unfortunately I did not captured the second day that much. Next stop for this installation: Evoke 2015!

For the sake of completeness, another neat screenshot:


Music Streaming Compo Outline 2015

At Outline 2015 I released a music contribution. A dub and chip inspired track named “Walkman”. Seventy percent of this track were made at the party and the result is quite substantial. There will come one day, where I remaster that and make it more official – maybe!

Making a partyprod is always some sort of challenge, because if the juices are not flowing, you are totally screwed. What helped in this case was, to quickly abandon meaningless stuff and build upon fresh ideas. I abandoned a complete half-finished track I worked on two or three hours before stepping into this tune. Learnings: “Cut, if it’s not working.


Work in progresses…

Some progress made on pixelart stuff, but nothing finished yet.


And here a really early work-in-progress of my shooting game “Jazz Planet”.


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