July 2015 was very, very hot! So naturally more typical summer-activities, than all that nerdy things we love to enjoy.


I got myself really much into technical details of how chipmusic technically work. 3 channels can be enough!

Then I tried, to apply this technique to Ableton Live. And viola – there is really nothing you can’t do with Ableton!

Making Chipchords with Ableton Live


Jammin’ with glitch-looking tilesets.




One extremely hot day gave birth to the project “Onlinehupe“, reflecting my interesting in sample-pads. If you need a signal-horn and you do not have one by your side, there should be one horn online. This is why now the onlinehupe.de exists! (Unfortunately I did not have had the time to polish the site, but’ll do it in the future.)


Went totally nuts again making pictures of forests.

Nodepond Forest

Nodepond Forest


The “Rheinboulevard” in Cologne was opened, ensuring that most pictures form the “K├Âlner Dom” will be now beautified by minimum 20 percent.


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