Johannes LDC Guerreiro made a short documentary, featuring all the works, that were exhibited at the Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) Artshow on the 6. March 2015. Thanks for this video – makes a perfect roundup of this great evening!

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February! Once again, shortest month of the year, mixed up with carnival-out-of-the-ordinary state in Cologne. But nevertheless some new stuff!

Just a normal day in Cologne…

Oscillot for Ableton Live

I obtained myself a copy of Oscillot – a modular patch system for Ableton Live realized in Max for Live. The basic design is inspired by the Nord Modular and indeed, it is much fun to patch and combine with with the high quality audio-fx from Ableton Live. I post some patches on YouTube from time to time.

Algorithmic music with PureData and Ableton Live

There was no footage on YouTube showcasing making algorithmic music in PureData with Ableton Live as audio-engine. I had to change this fact and published this video.

Gerhard Kern studio visit

I visited the studio of Gerhard Kern. He build real-world mechanical instruments, that can be controlled by computer or MIDI. Really inspiring and sometimes a little bit creepy as well.

Studio Gerhard Kern

ALT trifft NEU

At Dingfabrik we started a new series, where “new members can meet old members“. We cook and talk!

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Nodepond BYOB-Transformer

Nodepond BYOB-Transformer

nodepond byob

This are three impressions from my projection-mapping installation at the Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB)-event we had in Cologne an the 6. March 2015 at the Bunker k101. There were about 1000 visitors!! The quality of the works and the networking was also very good.

I named my work “Transformer” (on the pictures that small thing on the right), because I projected directly into the room and used “found” architectonical details I highlighted with a slowly evolving pattern. The intensions to set an accent on the architectonical dimension of the projection-mapping. This work is a continuation of the works I developed during my “Wildbeamin’ Summer Season” in 2014.

The Website of the Bunker has got a good review / round-up of all works, that were shown during the event.

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New year, new productivity. New toys, new styles, new projects. New new!

Global Game Jam 2015 / Pond
Another year, another Global Game Jam. This year I made the game “Pond” with an awesome team. Read more the blog-article.

Global Jame Jam Cologne

Presentation about to start – lots of audience.

Minecraft / Pixelart-Jams
I finally obtained a copy of Minecraft and made some random things, between other stuff I build a museum-hall in Minecraft.


Inspired by the simple block-style I began a series of Minecraft-inspired 2D-pixelart-jams.

The first work, a simple building with textures similar to Minecraft.

After some modifications I became obsessed for a while with drink-crates.

Most recent work: also stacked computers are possible.

Another variation, embracing architecture and a scenic background.

There were also some non-minecraft related pixel-jams: one, two.

The Dingfabrik e.V. was hosting another Dorkbot event. You might get the feeling of the event, when you look at the pictures… Yes, we are NEEEEERD FRIENDLY!




Pyxel Tilemap to fuccboiGDX parser Update
The “Mogamett”-framework for Love2d was updated and re-released under a new name. It is now called “fuccboiGDX“. I made some minor updates to the Pyxel parser for generating tilemap-code.

Polaroid CUBE
A new toy, the Polaroid CUBE. Here you see a first test-shooting. I really love the wide-angle, the distribution of color and the ability to make decent shoots even in dark situations.

Here is another shot and a second and a third one.

Passagen 2015
Passagen 2015 was nice again. Here’s a little picture with me and slogmen, sitting on nicely made laser-cutted couches named “ruggles” made by Christiane Strauss.


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Global Jame Jam Cologne

Global Jame Jam Cologne

Another year, another Global Game Jam. This year I made the game “Pond” with an awesome team: Jack Hoefnagel, Giliam Spliethoff, Roelf Mik and of course me (Martin Wisniowski).

In “Pond” we did focus on abstract visuals, good sound design and I made myself ready for procedurally generated content… if there are new flowers spawning, they are generated by an algorithm!

I think we made good progress and one of the better games from the Cologne Game Jam site. At least the feedback was very positive and I am also coming back to this game again and again – this must be a good sign! The Cologne Game Lab also wrote a short recap of the event and highlighted some games.

The game is available for Windows and OS-X. And also playable in any browser with the Unity-plugin.

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December 2014 was the last month of quite a good year 2014.

Make the Game
The kids-project “Make the Game” came to it’s end. The final event was a huge success. All participants had a really great time and I guess, that everyone learned a lot on different levels. Check out the gallery.

Ghettoscene Demoparty
The last demoparty of the year was this time named “Ghettoscene 2014”. Here are two small works I made in the context of the party. This soundscape was recoded directly at the partyplace and is 100% without any post-production.

This is a picture from the travel. It is a snowy landscape, taken with my Firefox OS mobile from a driving car. This photo is 100% unedited.


Click to enlarge or visit the original entry on nodepondLOMO.


To get used with creating pixel art I began to do pixel-jams, often on the evening with some random topics, that come into the mind. Here are some of the results.




December Drehbar

This wasn’t the best session, but got some inserting aspect in it. I like especially the duet-like evolving the things in this recording. As always at the Drehbar-sessions… there was zero preparation of the event, we talk about 100% improvisation only based on skills and mood.

PureData-UserGroup #3 – RaspberryPi

The PureData-UserGroup Cologne met again. We had a whole evening of messing around and benchmarking pd-extended on the the Raspberry Pi. I put together a blogentry with many useful links for people, who want to get started with PD und RaspberryPi.

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This is a little parser, that converts tilemap-data from the Pyxel-Pixeleditor ( to fuccboiGDX (a still work-in-progress game engine, build upon Love2d).

This could be useful for anyone, so I share! Here is the stuff:

pyxel edit to fuccboi-gdx tilemap parser


  • Run this script in the same folder, where you have exported the ’tilemap.json’ from Pyxel
  • The tilemap is named ‘Layer 0’
  • The collisionmap is named ‘Layer Collide’

It generates lua-code ready to c&p paste. There is an more accurate usage example in the ruby-file itself.

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Here is a short overview of some useful topics for people, who like to get into PureData on the Raspberry Pi.

The very first step is to install Raspbian with the Noobs-installer.

How to install pd-extended on raspbian from And we found another tutorial, that shows how to install pd (without extended) on Raspberry Pi.

We had initial problems configuring audio this is what helped. From terminal, get into the config-menu by doing “sudo raspi-config”. Then get to “advanced options”, select “audio” and then “force HDMI” (or force Audio-Jack – depends on your needs).

For more troubleshooting, this thread in the Raspberry Pi-forum looks promising.

A pd-rpi workshop repository on github with lots of useful code and links. Don’t miss the Raspberry Pi site on Linux Audio.

Configure the keyboard on Raspberry Pi.

sudo raspi-config

Select the option

Alternative way:
Thread about reconfig the keyboard on Raspberry Pi site. Same topic on Stack Exchange.

Raspberry Pi Tips in the PureData-wiki.

Running PD without GUI (Graphical User Interface).
How to run PD from the command line. On the Raspberry Pi it can be really useful, to run a pd-patch in the terminal mode – without any GUI. It is easy like that:

./pd -nogui mypatch.pd


./pd-extended -nogui mypatch.pd

Here is the link to another tutorial and the complete documentation of the pure-data command line parameters. Very useful for configuring stuff like audio-interface, midi-devices and audio-drivers.

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Lange Nacht der Museen / Drehkommando
Another Drehkommando with the fun of tweaking audio live. This night we were six people on stage! Before the Drehkommando there were awesome live-acts from Das Blaue Monster, Erich Schall, Cie and Some People Never Go Crazy. I provided live-visuals for this event. Here is a small video. Read more about the night at Der kleine grüne Würfel.

Sonic Pi LiveCoding-Talk at RhineDev-Conf
RhineDev was a new one-day conference in Cologne. It was about bringing together game-developers from the NRW-region. There were many small talks about a big variety of topic. I held a hand-on talk about the Sonic Pi livecode-environment. I just 15 minutes I showed the audience, how to prototype sound-fx and mini music-scores with that Sonic Pi thing.


PuteData DrumSequencer Experiment
At the end of the month I had a small idea for a special kind of drum machine, that generate not too predictable drum sequences. A nice Saturday morning experiment. I guess, I will have to take this idea one level ahead and maybe the result will be a small app.

…the other stuff
The rest of the month I worked on the software for our Flying Orlov media-sculpture, for the Make the Game kids project and had a very nice evening with Cologne’s Demoscene!

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A small idea I had this weekend. This study shows that the work of getting my head into algorithmic music and deeper into PureData slowly pays off.

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